Olive Wood Cutting Board/Platter

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Looking for the ultimate table center-piece? Beautiful, yet functional, this rustic Olive Wood Platter is a characterful piece that sets the stage for an exquisitely presented feast – be it sushi, or a Sunday roast! And while they may be manufactured from the same tree in some cases, each of these Rustic Olive Wood Chopping Boards is a one-of-a-kind piece, entirely unique to the next in terms of size, hue, inclusions, and characteristics. Whether for yourself, or presented as a gift, it’s a stylish choice that reflects impeccable taste!

Olive wood is known for its durability. Coupled with the beautiful, characteristic natural inclusions that feature so prominently through the grain, it’s not hard to see why its such a popular material for kitchenware. Made from a single piece of olive wood, our Olive Wood Chopping Board/ Platter has been refined by hand to ensure it retains its organic features – including the bark edging running the perimeter of the board. Inclusions are unique, and will vary from piece to piece, however, all tend to be light to medium blond with a rich, dark patina.

Most woods are unsuitable for use as chopping boards due to the problems posed by food becoming trapped in the grain – but, that’s not the case with Olive wood!  Boasting a finer grain in comparison to other woods, olive wood also bears a higher concentration of natural oils, which (once dried) create a resin-like seal when the wood is cut.

If originality is the theme in your kitchen, this stunning Olive Wood Chopping Board/ Platter is a prime choice. With rustic good looks, and an approximate size of 33 to 36 cm in length, it’s ideal as a focal chopping board, food presentation platter, or simply hung on a wall to bring a touch of artisanal character to the room!

Product Overview:

  • One-of-a-kind, rustic olive wood chopping board/ platter
  • Doubles as a stylish platter/ table centerpiece
  • Produced from a single piece of olive wood
  • Hand-finished to protect the wood’s natural character
  • Beautiful organic detailing, including original bark edging
  • Approximate length (varies) between 33 and 36 cm
  • Protective natural (oil) seal prevents food from becoming trapped in the grain
  • Includes an olive wood care guide
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