Small Bamboo Bowls

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Love designer kitchenware, but not the price tag? You don’t have to be a professional chef in order to appreciate, or enjoy, quality-made kitchenware. In fact, investing in practical kitchenalia can often inspire you to rediscover the joy of cooking. Be inspired by these exquisitely beautiful, Lipper International Small Bamboo Bowls. Suitable for everything from salads and noodles, to Asian rice dishes, they’re bound to get your imagination flowing!

Produced from one of the world’s leading renewable grasses, Lipper International’s Small Bamboo Bowls form part of a range of eco-friendly kitchenware that is not only organic, but free of potentially harmful chemicals and treatments that can subtly affect the flavor of food. Though naturally blond when dried, bamboo can be enhanced naturally by heating it – a process which causes the natural sugars to caramelize. The result? A beautiful, honey-caramel tone that compliments the exquisite workmanship of these bamboo bowls.

Measuring 17.7 cm in diameter, and 6.35 cm in height, these Lipper International Small Bamboo Bowls are of an ideal size for use as a ‘side bowl’ for rice and noodles. Functionality aside, they’re an inexpensive way of bringing a hint of contemporary, Asian style to your kitchen – and, they just so happen to be eco-friendly too!

Product Overview:

  • Designer quality, natural bamboo salad bowl set
  • Ideal for salads, noodles and rice
  • Expertly hand-crafted from sustainable bamboo
  • Unfinished – no artificial varnishes or sealants
  • Stunning, naturally enhanced, honey-caramel color
  • Dimensions: Diameter: 17.7 cm (7”) Depth: 6.35 cm (2.5”)
  • Matching large salad bowl available (sold separately)


Caring for Bamboo Kitchenware:

Bamboo kitchenware is exceptionally hard-wearing, and generally quite easy to clean too – providing you adhere to care instructions. Prolong the life of your bowls by:

  • Avoiding storing your bowls in direct sunlight, or near sources of heat to prevent the wood from expanding.
  • Cleaning your bowls with mild soap and water – never soak them, or put them in the dishwasher.
  • Using them only for non-liquid foods.
  • Polishing with mineral oil to maintain appearance, and protect them from staining/ discoloration.


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