Bamboo Sushi Board

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Want to create a truly authentic sushi experience for your guests? Eating sushi in a traditional Japanese sushi bar is an immersive and multi-sensory experience, enhanced not only by atmosphere, but also esthetics. Key to recreating this authenticity is attention to detail; from the layout of your Nigiri, to your choice of dinnerware, all are important considerations if you want to make a lasting impression!

Nothing says authenticity quite like traditional Japanese dinnerware. Expertly crafted from honey-blond bamboo wood, our Joyce Chen Bamboo Sushi Boards are an elegant, yet contemporary take on traditional Japanese dinnerware. Each features two solid, evenly spaced ‘feet,’ coupled with a carved chopstick  recess,  and defined, recessed circle for the ceramic shoyu dish (included). Measuring 26.6 cm (10.5”) by  15.2 cm (6”), the sushi boards boast a large surface area that makes them particularly ideal for buffets and parties!

Have you mastered the art of picking up your sushi with chopsticks? Dining with chopsticks may appear tricky, but once you’ve got a handle on your grip, you’ll be good to go! Supplied with one pair of quality, black, wooden table chopsticks, the Joyce Chen Bamboo Sushi Board Set is an ideal dinnerware set for those looking to have some fun with friends, or recreate a memorable sushi experience!

Product Overview:

  • High quality bamboo sushi board set
  • Expertly crafted from bamboo wood in the traditional style
  • Large surface area – ideal for buffets and parties
  • Carved recesses for chopsticks and shoyu dish
  • Set includes 6 each of: bamboo sushi boards, celadon shoyu dishes, and chopsticks (pairs)
  • Sushi board dimensions: Length: 26.6 cm (10.5”) Width: 15.2 cm (6”)


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