How to Make a Tomato Garnish Ring

Looking for a quick way to enhance the presentation of your sushi creations for a special occasion? This fanned ring of tomato segments may appear aesthetically complex to the eye, but it’s actually very easy, and takes just 5-10 minutes to prepare!


cutting-a-tomato-in-half-with-a-miyabi-knife Step 1: Slicing the Tomato Segments

First position your knife just beyond the central core, and slice the tomato in half. Take the half without the core, and lay it flat side down on your chopping board.

slicing-tomato-ultra-thinStarting at one end of the tomato, begin making wafer thin slices, slicing from top to bottom. Each cut should be relatively straight and not more than a few millimeters in width. Ideally, your knife should have as thin a blade as possible.

Continue making the cuts until you have just a centimeter or so of tomato left, then discard both ends.

fanning-out-the-tomato-slices1Step 2: Fanning Out the Circle

Using your fingers, begin gently fanning out the slices in a line by turning them diagonally. Ensure there is an equal distance between the slices. As the line lengthens, use your fingers to manipulate the slices into a curve at each end, taking care not to pull them too far apart.

Continue manipulating the slices with your fingers, gradually forming a fanned out circle. The tomato segments at either end should eventually meet.

compacting-the-circle-tomato-slicesStep 3: Compacting the Circle

Once you have formed a complete circle with the segments, cup your hands around it and gently compress. This will reduce the size of the well at the center to the point it almost vanishes, while the segments surrounding it will appear to form a spiral.

Serving suggestion:
The tomato garnish sushi decoration works well as an elevated centerpiece for a sushi plate. If you wanted to add a little contrast, or simply make the design a little more interesting, consider using a few cucumber spirals to encompass the tomato garnish. Then lean your circular sushi rolls against the cucumber face up and at aslant, exposing the inner design.
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