Silicone sushi mat

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Maintaining food hygiene and safety standards in commercial kitchens is paramount. But, even if you don’t work in a busy kitchen, its worth learning how to minimize the spread of bacteria so as to avoid contamination. One of the primary causes of retained bacteria is wood. Be it a chopping board, mixing spoon, or sushi rolling mat, all have the potential to harbor harmful bacteria when  food penetrates the grain. And, no amount of scrubbing can guarantee 100% removal!

That’s where platinum silicone kitchenware comes in. Smooth, flexible, and free of inclusions that might trap harmful bacteria, silicone is an ideal material for everything from chopping boards and ice cube trays, to spatulas and cake molds. A world leader in silicone kitchenware since 1980, Lekue have incepted an entire range of platinum silicone kitchenware for domestic and commercial use that is both food and dishwasher safe. And since silicone is non-stick, you won’t have the issue of left-over residues that might alter the flavor of your food!

Cleverly designed with equally spaced rivets, the Lekue Clear Silicone Sushi Mat mimics both the style, and flexibility of a traditional bamboo Makisu – minus those hard-to-reach places where food usually accumulates, yet to me it just doesn’t feel right. Much like its bamboo counterpart, Lekue’s Sushi Mat is non-stick, therefore can be used to create both Uramaki, and Nori-bound sushi rolls in a variety of shapes. Platinum silicone is incredibly heat resistant (up to 220ºC), so will not weaken or disintegrate in your dishwasher. Perhaps the best feature of Lekue’s Clear Silicone Sushi Mat is its characteristic strength and flexibility; it can be rolled up when not in use for space-saving, yet won’t bend or split due to the silicone’s resistant properties!

Yet with all the above said I would not recommend this silicon mat, because it just feels strange to use. Who knows maybe I’m too used to the horizontal inflexibility of a bamboo rolling mat, maybe I don’t like change. You can always decide for yourself by purchasing one, that’s what I did…

Product Overview:

  • Flexible silicone Makisu (sushi rolling mat) based on traditional bamboo design
  • Free of inclusions and tiny spaces where food can become trapped
  • Smooth, non-stick and flexible – can be used to roll sushi with, or without Nori
  • Heat-resistant up to 220ºC – dishwasher safe
  • Resistant material will not weaken, deform or split when rolled up for storage
  • Equally spaced, shallow rivets for ease of cleaning
  • Made by Lekue, Sweden
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