How To Make Pinwheel Vegetable Garnish

Vegetable pinwheels are an absolutely beautiful garnish that can be made from any vegetable that can be cut into long flexible thin strips. They look far more complicated than they actually are and will jazz up any plate of sushi, or even a plain ole’ bowl of rice! These pinwheels really pop!


filling-of-sushi-roll-tempura-prawn.-mango-slices-and-avocado-slicesStep 1:  Cut Vegetables To The Same Length

Take all 3 of the vegetables and lay them side by side. Cut them to the same length by slicing through all 3 vegetables at once on both ends.

slicing-thin-slices-of-cucumberStep 2:  Cut Vegetables Into Strips

Take the cucumber and slice off one side to create a flat surface to work with. From there create a very thin strip (less than 1mm) using the cheese knife or mandolin. Alternatively, you can slice by hand, but it takes a bit of time and patience. You will need one strip of each vegetable per pinwheel, so cut as many as you need to make the correct number of pinwheels.

Repeat with the zucchini (courgette) and carrot.

cutting-the-strips-of-vegetable-for-the-pinwheel-designStep 3:  Create The Pinwheel

Lay one strip of zucchini (courgette) down on your chopping board, place a strip of cucumber over it and lastly place a strip of carrot on top of that. Be sure that the slices are lined up neatly on top of each other.

With your knife at a 45° angle to the vegetables slice from the center of the vegetables out towards the top edge, slicing through all 3 strips of vegetable at once. Repeat this cut every 2mm until you reach the end of the vegetables.


rolling-the-pinwheel-garnishNow roll the vegetable strips from the right end to the left and stand your pinwheel on end. Use a toothpick through the center of the roll to secure it, and break off any excess from the toothpick so it cannot be seen. Repeat as necessary with the rest of your vegetable strips.

vegetable pinwheel garnish


  • Cucumber
  • Zucchini (courgette)
  • Carrot



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