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A very simple garnish that looks stunning on every sushi plate. Chef Devaux knows how to do that, and in a short while, so will you!


Step 1: Preparing the leaf

Lengthwise, tear of 2 strips of palm leaf of 4 cm wide. Remove the stringy bits and clean the leaves with some cold water.

Palm Leaf Before

Folding 1

floding a palm leaf like origami

Step 2: Folding the leaf

Place one end of the leaf between your thumb and index finger and make a loop back to your index finger. Roll the other end around your index finger and make another loop back to your index finger. Take the second leaf, stick it through the middle of the last loop, then stick it between the two loops and full it through for 80 percent. Stick the end in the first loop and then stick it between the two loops. Next, pull the end over the outside and then stick it through the inside of the loop. What you are actually doing is nothing more than braiding the two leaves together.

Take a look at the video on the Sushi Channel of Chef Devaux and see how he does it. This will make it much simpler for you to braid the leaves together.

Folding 2

Folding palm leaf 3

Step 3: Tightening the package

Once the braiding is done – it’ll only take a minute – pull the leaves together and take all the slack out of it. You’re supposed to end up with a tightly braided package of palm leaves. It’ll take some fidgeting, but it’s not hard. Just make sure you don’t pull too hard, otherwise you’ll damage the leaves and as a result the garnish.

Palm Leaf Tighten

Cutting Leaf

Step 4: Trimming and finishing the garnish

Cut a zigzag pattern of 10 cm in the leaves on the inside and cut off the rest. Make a diagonal straight cut on the outer leaves. That’s it. You’ve created palm leaf garnish in the shape of a fish! But don’t forget: this garnish is not for eating, but strictly for decoration.

Palm Leaf Cut


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Product name: Palm Leaf Fish Garnish
Palm Leaf Fish Garnish
Time to prepare the recipe: 5 minutes
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Duration: 10 minutes
Servings: serves 1
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