Daikon Flower Garnish

This exotic daikon garnish is perfect for giving your dish that fine cuisine finish. It requires careful knife skills, however with the right equipment these pretty additions are surprisingly simple to make.


daikonStep 1: Cutting the daikon to the correct size

Take the daikon and cut off the leaves at the top. Then cut a block of daikon, ideally at the widest part of the vegetable, of around 10/15 cm width. Keep the block on the chopping board and remove the excess pieces.

cutting-paper-thin-sheets-of-daikon-with-a-miyabi-knifeStep 3: Carefully cutting a delicate sheet

Again, take the daikon piece in your hand and press the knife into the side of it. Repeating what we did in the last process, rotate the daikon, feeding it onto the blade of your knife so that you are cutting a sheet of about 1mm in thickness. Your knife must be sharp at this point, as any bluntness will put excess pressure on the delicate sheet of daikon and cause it to tear. You are also more likely to cut yourself. You want to create a continuous sheet without any breakages, so patience is a virtue at this stage!

Once your daikon sheet is about 35cm long, lay it out flat on your chopping board and remove the rest.

cutting-in-to-the-daikon-sheets-to-create-the-garnishStep 4: Fold the daikon and make 45 degree incisions

Fold the daikon sheet downwards (top corners to bottom corners rather than side to side).

Then, take your knife and – starting at one end – make incisions in the top of the folded daikon at a 45 degree angle, being careful to only cut to halfway down the sheet. Make these incisions all the way along your folded piece of daikon.

rolling-the-daikon-garnishStep 5: Roll the daikon sheet

Lay down your knife and begin to roll the daikon, starting from one end and rolling tightly all the way to the other end.

And there you have it! Now you should have a perfectly rolled daikon flower, ideal for making your sushi platters and dishes look professional, and elevating the presentation of your food to the next level.


daikon flower


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