Whet-stone 3000-8000 grit

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Quality-made knives can last a lifetime with a little maintenance. So, why not save yourself the expense of buying replacements, and invest in a Wusthof Whetstone? Gentler, and far more effective than conventional knife sharpening tools, Wusthof whetstones are a complete, and cost-effective maintenance solution that will prolong the life-span of your knives. Simply wet your stone, find the correct angle, and start refining!

Not sure which grit is right for you? Whetstones come in a variety of grit sizes, and are measured by European and Japanese standards – often abbreviated as (F) and (J). Lower grit value generally denotes a courser stone. The Wusthof Extra Fine Whetstone is a two-sided stone; one course for re-sharpening (J8000/ F2000), and the second extra-fine for polishing (J3000/ F1000). Professional chefs tend to use ‘extra fine’ stones for finishing, however, they are also recommended for general maintenance where blade reshaping isn’t usually required.

Solingen-based Wusthof have been a favored brand among some of the world’s most notable chefs for decades. Known for their uncompromising commitment to quality, they produce an eclectic, superior range of precision-forged knives, blocks, and accessories, for both professional, and home chefs. Official supplier to the German National Team of Chefs, and partner to the German Chef’s Association, Wusthof have earned an enviable reputation for quality. Want to get the most from your knives? Then discover knife-care the Wusthof way!

Product Overview:

  • Finest quality ceramic whetstone by Wusthof
  • Courseness: J3000/ 8000; F1000/ 2000
  • Enhances the longevity of knives
  • Made from ceramic material, with an open-pore structure
  • Double sided stone – one for re-sharpening, one for polishing
  • Extra fine grit is ideal for gentle honing and re-sharpening
  • Self-renewing, and highly resistant to wear
  • Use with water to enhance longevity
  • Used by some of the world’s most notable chefs


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