Miyabi 5000MCD 9″ Gyutoh

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Knives are the instruments of a craft. So, shouldn’t they be of the best possible quality? Combining beautiful Japanese esthetics with the superior durability and functionality associated with ZWILLING J. A. Henckel’s products, the Miyabi 5000 MCD 9” Gyutoh is a show-piece that deserves pride of place in the kitchen. Designed for use as an ‘all-purpose’ knife, the Miyabi Gyutoh boasts a broader blade, and far more heft than the popular Santoku, suiting it to particularly heavy duty tasks. If you’re looking for an all-rounder due to lack of space, this workhorse is quite possibly the only knife you’ll ever need in your kitchen!

Slightly arced, like a traditional Katana blade, the Gyutoh makes short work of thicker meats and vegetables, yet can also be utilized for carving due to it’s 220 mm (9”) length. Each blade is individually honed by hand in Japan using an ancient technique known Honbazuke, which not only achieves perfect cutting edge symmetry (between 9.5 and 12 degrees per side), but also guarantees sharpness retention. ZWILLING’s Miyabi 5000 MCD Gyutoh also benefits from a Micro Carbide M63 core (enveloped in one hundred layers of stainless steel), which works in conjunction with the knife’s heft to deliver superior resistance, and balance when cutting. CRYODOUR hardened at temperatures exceeding -196 Celsius, your Miyabi knife could well last a lifetime with proper care!

Do your hands tire easily during long tasks? With its distinctive Japanese profile, and precision ground Damascus steel blade, the Miyabi 5000 MCD Gyutoh is undeniably beautiful. However, like all knives within the Miyabi range, this hefty, all-purpose knife has also been designed with ergonomics in mind. Produced from turned Masur (Karelian) Birch wood, the handle mimics the D-shape of traditional Japanese knives, allowing for a comfortable grip, no matter the job at hand. The blade itself is curved and broad, allowing you to seamlessly transition between cutting motions, whilst also offering protection for your fingers!

Product Overview:

  • Size: 220 mm/ 92
  • A heavy duty, all-rounder that will make short work of thick meats and vegetables
  • Micro-Carbide MC63 powdered steel core enveloped in 100 layers of pure Damascus steel (50 per side)
  • Precision ground to reveal a distinctive etched Damascus patina
  • Curved Katana blade allows easy transition between cutting techniques
  • Honbazuke honed, symmetrical bevels (between 9.5 and 12 degrees on both sides)
  • CRYODUR® hardened for superior cutting edge retention and sharpness
  • Highly resistant to corrosion and flaking
  • Embellished with a  brass mosaic pin and end-cap, enhanced with the Miyabi logo
  • Made by Japanese master craftsmen in Seki, Japan
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