Fresh Water Eel (Unagi) /11oz Piece

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Have you ever sampled a true Japanese delicacy? Unagi – Japanese for “freshwater eel” – is truly a feast for the senses, and contrary to popular belief, isn’t all that time-consuming to make! Fresh frozen, barbequed and marinated, our Farmed Freshwater Eel is already primed and ready to cook, meaning you can enjoy delicious Unagi at home – minus the usual hassle of preparation.

Cooking Unagi is as straightforward as for most other species of fish. The fish should be thawed immediately prior to use, and for best results, broiled under direct heat. Once cooked, simply slice the Unagi into thin strips and serve atop a bed of white sushi rice for a truly delicious, traditional Japanese experience.

Originating from China, our Farmed Freshwater Eel undergoes rigorous checks to ensure it meets the Sashimi grade standard. Each 11 oz portion has been individually vacuum packed to ensure it remains fresh – and for ease of storage. Simply use what you need, and freeze the rest!

• Farmed, Sashimi grade fish originating from China
• Vacuum packed for freshness
• Ingredients (including marinade): Unagi, Soy Sauce, Rice Wine, Sugar, Water, Soy Beans, Wheat, Salt
• Sold in 11oz, whole frozen portions (not sliced)
• Pre-cooked, marinated and barbequed
• Available year-round
• Produced by DNI Group

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