Paprika Roll


half-a-sheet-of-nori-with-cooked-sushi-rice-on-topSpread-out 150g´s of cooked sushi rice over half a sheet of Nori (seaweed paper).

Do not press down the rice but rather spread out softly.

eagle-eye-view-of-sushi-roll-making-paprika-rollFlip over the rice with the nori and place it on a rolling mat covered with a plastic bag, add the filling of the roll;

– Crab mix

– Avocado slices

rolling-the-paprika-rollRoll the sushi roll, if you want to know how to roll a sushi roll  how to roll sushi rolls
thin-slices-of-paprikathin-slice-of-paprika Cut the paprika in to thin slices , use a  sharp knife to make the first incision in to the paprika then use a cheese knife and start cutting at the incision you made.

you will need 8 to 9 slices , make a few more, better to have to many then to need more later.

paprika-slices-on-a-sushi-roll placing-paprika-slices-over-the-sushi-roll paprika-on-top-of-a-sushi-rollPlace some mascarpone on the top to glue down the paprika slices (red pepper slices), place the paprika slices on the top of the roll.
sushi-roll-with-paprika-on-topplace a sheet of cling film over the roll and press it on with a bamboo rolling mat.
cutting-paprika-sushi-rollCut the roll in to 8 pieces using a very Sharp knife, I usually cut the edges of the roll of first and then cut the roll in to piece’s this makes all the pieces the same.
paparika paprika-rollFinished, serve on a plate with some wasabi, pickled ginger and soja sauce.




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