Soft Shell Crab Roll


cooked-sushi-rice-on-half-a-sheet-of-noriStep 1 . spread out 160 grams of cooked sushi rice on a sheet of nori , cover 60% of the sheet, then spread some masago eggs over it or some roasted sesame seeds.
soft-shell-crab-sushi-roll-filling soft-shell-crab-roll-with-all-of-the-filling-lettuce-paprika-carb-and-okonoiyaki-sauceStep 2 . Flip over the rice and nori and place on a sushi rolling mat, add the filling on the 40% without rice.

– Half a tempura soft shell crab recipe here

– Paprika (red pepper slices)

– lettuce

– okonomiyaki sauce

soft-shell-crab-roll-with-acovado-slices-on-top-sushi-rollsStep 4 . Add half a avocado on to sliced in to 1-2 mm thick pieces, spread out on you hand before placing on the sushi roll. Then place cling film over the roll and firm up the roll with the bamboo sushi rolling mat
how-to-cut-the-soft-shell-crab-sushi-rollStep 5 . Cut the sushi roll in to 10 pieces, with the cling film still on, you will need a very sharp knife, i use a miyabi 7000d, then remove the cling film when serving the sushi roll.
soft-shell-crab-sushi-roll-piece soft-shell-crab-sushiStep 6 . The most important step, serving and eating the roll.

place on a plate drizzle some Okonomiyaki Sauce over the roll and add some mustard seed sprouts on top serve with some pickled ginger and wasabi and soya sauce.

Enjoy !




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