Real wasabi paste

Real wasabi paste or fake?

Most people don’t know that over 95% of wasabi served in sushi restaurants is not actually made from the real wasabi plant! It’s actually made from a blend of horseradish, mustard flour, cornstarch and green food colorant. Because of this misconception over 95% of people who think they know what wasabi is actually have never tried the stuff!

Why is most wasabi fake?

Real wasabi paste is made by grating the wasabi rhizome, when you grate wasabi the volatile compounds in it begin to break down within a few minutes so it has to be done fresh. Also the cost of real wasabi roots is quite high since its a rare and perishable commodity, on the other hand you have the fake wasabi powder which is cheap has a long expiration date.

where can I buy the real wasabi?

The real stuff comes in two formats:

  • Paste which is in a squeeze tube and must be stored in a fridge (pre-made paste is not a good idea since the volatile compounds in wasabi dissipate within 15 to 20 min of grating).
  • Wasabi Rhizome which you then have to grate down with a shark skin paddle. ( very expensive and hard to find real fresh roots, stores for a month when kept hydrated in a fridge)

You can buy real wasabi paste here, it costs a bit more than the powdered stuff but at least its the real thing. If you are a sushi lover then you should at least try the real fresh wasabi rhizome once,


1) The wasabi company grows it’s own wasabi in England, and supply it across all of Europe

2) has fresh wasabi rhizomes avialable to be delivered across Europe, with next day delivery.



1) Wasabia supplies world-wide and grow from north America.

What is the taste difference between real wasabi and fake?

  • real wasabi is a condiment which accentuates the delicate taste of fish, enhancing it to another level. Real wasabi is not actually spicy its more like the aroma of spiciness but without the pungent punch that the mustard seed flour in the fake stuff delivers.
  • fake wasabi has a over-powering taste that masks the delicate fish taste and has a very strong blast of spiciness which comes from the mustard seed flour.

How far spread is the problem?

It’s everywhere, restaurant’s, supermarkets and online. Some might call this a conspiracy or a epidemic. What puzzle’s me is that the manufacturers are blatantly allowed to lie to the consumers by calling their powdered gimmick wasabi! I’m shore there must be a law against that.

Hope you found this information useful, at least now you are aware of the trickery happening basically every where. And next time your at a sushi restaurant and your mouth is on fire due to the fake wasabi you will know your at a cheap sushi restaurant serving imitation wasabi.

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